The Design Process

The process of building a new home can be an overwhelming project! There are a million tedious decisions that directly affect the overall design of the space. These decisions can often be stressful, time-consuming and financially costly for both client and builder. At Adorn we understand the complexities and importance of each decision and the need for our clients to “see the big picture”. Each project is carefully and thoughtfully planned, creating a cohesive and comprehensive design.

New Home Construction/Remodel

(Your Builder Will Love Us!)

Bring In The Professionals

Once you agree to hire Adorn for your New Construction Design, we’ll schedule an initial consultation to discuss your vision for the home. During the consultation we assess your personal style, budget allowances provided by the builder, and style of architecture. After determining these things, we will collectively work through the selection process of each element and present a comprehensive list to you and your builder.

How Can Adorn Help?

Our team at Adorn offers a pro-active approach to reduce the imminent stress of the building process. We will relieve the stress of last-minute decisions and the overwhelming process of making sure each element works together for a cohesive design. It’s critical to understand the importance of each and every choice and how it affects the overall style of the home and lifestyle of your family.
Being in the interior design industry, we are continually informed of current and upcoming design trends, which help us guide clients toward a timeless, yet current design that won’t immediately date the space.
Hiring Adorn is an investment well worth making, as we guide you through the following elements of your design. Primary considerations we will guide you through:

Interior & Exterior Design Elements

Flooring                                                                             Rock/Stucco/Stone
Tile                                                                                     Roof Material/Coloring
Paint: Stain, Wall & Trim                                                 Paint/Stain
Stain                                                                                   Windows: Style & Color
Countertops                                                                       Entry Door
Bath & Kitchen Fixtures
Door Style & Knobs
Door Hardware
Cabinetry: Style/Color
Cabinet Hardware
Stair Banister/Spindle Selection

How Does This Benefit You?

Making selections for a new home can feel like “eating an elephant”! We can help you approach the project one bite at a time, breaking it down into stages reducing your feeling of becoming overwhelmed.
Here's How!
You’ll save countless hours of time and stress by allowing us to “do what we do”, which is research and prioritize these selections.
You’ll have our expertise at your fingertips as well as a single point of contact throughout the process.  All of your decisions will be delivered to you and your builder in a pro-active manner-without last minute, rushed decisions.


Once the consultation is complete and Adorn has established the completed design scheme, you will receive a comprehensive report that offers details regarding each space/room and a list of selections.
Your builder will receive a duplicate copy with your signature on each selection page ensuring that they can confidently move forward with selections without causing project delays.

How Much Does This Service Cost?

This is a fee based service, determined by the overall square footage of the new home or remodeled space.  Please contact an Adorn Interior Designer for a quote or simply fill out the form below. 

* Adorn is not responsible for manufacturer recommendations, quality of product or finished work.  * Adorn is solely involved as a professional Interior Design resource.  *Adorn will rely on builder expertise as to any recommendations regarding construction elements of subject project. 

Interested in New Construction/Remodel service?

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