Customizable Art at Adorn

Customizable Art at Adorn!

We offer a variety of art for residential and commercial applications at great prices!  Our art offerings are comprised of over 20,000 items, updated with over 2,000 new introductions per year.  We offer customizable options in size, finish, and framing!  

  • Original Hand Paintings
  • Hand Embellished Giclees
  • Glass Framed Art
  • Plexiglas
  • Metallic Plexiglas
  • Murals
  • Outdoor

Canvas & Glass Framed Art
We offer over 70 different frame molding options available on any of our items. 

Plexi/Circular Plexi Art
(*also available in standard sizes)

High resolution rendering of custom imagery on Plexiglas. Plexiglas art has become very popular in recent years, with applications in high end contemporary settings as well as other commercial design themes. 

Wall Murals

High resolution prints on PVC-free and FSC certified paper on self-adhesive paper. The paper contains 10% recycled content from post consumer waste. The panels can be produced in virtually any size to accommodate your walls. Murals can also be printed on canvas or vinyl.

Outdoor Art

Outdoor Art is water and UV-resistant artwork that is designed to withstand the different elements of Mother Nature. From the hot California and Arizona deserts to the bitter cold of the upper Midwest, our Outdoor Art line provides durable artwork that is perfect for anywhere in your home.

Metallic Plexiglas

Metallic Plexi Is the latest introduction of fine gallery quality art work, individually crafted using a high resolution rendering of custom imagery on Plexiglas, with a touch of hand embellished gold or silver metallic background. Plexiglas art has become very popular in recent years, with applications in high end contemporary settings as well as other commercial design themes as well. 

metallic plexi.jpeg

Dimensional Canvas Art
These pieces are a unique way to add interest to a space.  Great for residential or commercial applications.  

One-Of-A-Kind 3D Art
These one of a kind dimensional art pieces are limited editions.

Let Adorn be YOUR resource for beautiful customizable art!

1 Sectional 3 Ways

This modern tufted sectional begs to be the spotlight of any room!  Here we show that regardless of your design style, this super versatile sectional can be the centerpiece of any gathering space and blends effortlessly into Modern, Rustic or Farmhouse style.

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Fresh Farmhouse Modern Style

Farmhouse Modern is the merging of comfortable, yet simplistic, homestead living with an infusion of sleek and modern design elements. Incorporating minimalism in silhouettes and aesthetics, with natural elements such as wood, leather, metal, animal hide accents and natural foliage, creates a warm relaxed environment.  Here we've collected examples of modern furnishings and decor you'll want to incorporate for Farmhouse Modern. 

Currently Coveting...Modern Bar-stools

At Adorn we're always coming across products we just love & can't wait to share with our customers.  Make a statement and modernize your space with swoon-worthy bar-stools like these!

Much like a work of art, bar-stools have the power to dictate the design style of any room, so BE BOLD! 

And can purchase them all from Adorn!